Human Behavior & Evolution Society of Japan (HBES-J)

General information

This society (HBES-J) is the association of researchers who aim to investigate human activities–behavior, psychology, arts, and pathologies too–theoretically or empirically, from the perspective of evolution. We have started meetings in 1999, and have held 9 annual meetings. The meeting was renewed into an academic association on January 1st, 2008.

We are publishing the official online journal “Letters on Evolutionary Behavioral Science (LEBS).” This is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal and indexed by DOI® of CrossRef. No charges are required for submission /publication, and you do not need a membership of the HBES-J to submit a paper. You can submit your paper online by clicking a few steps, and its easy! You just need register yourself to the journal system before starting submission. We welcome submissions ranging broad topics and methodologies as far as the topics are related to evolution and human behavior. We especially welcome submissions by researchers in Asia and Oceania.


      1. Full member: A recommendation by a full member and the admission to join the society are required.
      2. Student member: A recommendation by a full member and the admission to join the society are required. Student members are undergraduate or graduate students, or those who do not have a full-time position and their request for annual fees discount is accepted.
      3. Associate member: Those who agree with the purpose of this society and were approved to join us.
      4. Patronage member: Individuals, companies or associations which agree with the purpose of the society and support its activities.

What are benefits

  • Full members and student members can join the general assembly and participate in discussion. They can join the annual academic meetings and make their presentations.
  • Associate members and patronage members can participate in the academic meetings and receive information through letters, mailing list, etc.


    • Full member: 5,000 yen / year
    • Student member: 3,000 yen / year
    • Associate member: 1,000 yen / year
    • Patronage member: 10,000 yen / share

Members are supposed to send a fee for each year before the end (31st December) of its previous year.

Membership application

Please ask your colleagues who understand Japanese for help to fill in a membership registration form.

Electric file should be sent to:

Hard copy should be posted to:

Head Office of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society of Japan (HBES-J)

c/o Kai Hiraishi Lab. Faculty of Letters, Keio University
2-15-45, Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-8345, Japan

Administrative officers

Secretary General

Kai HIRAISHI (Keio University)

Standing Directors

Yosuke OHTSUBO: Treasury
Ryo ODA: Web page maintenance
Mayuko NAKAMARU: Mailing list maintenance
Nobuhiro MIFUNE: Membership registration
Shinya YAMAMOTO: General affair, LEBS